Screen Printed in MI by Formerly Incarcerated People and Our Loved Ones

We Offer Custom Merchandise Solutions that Align with Your Values and Amplify Your Impact

At For Everyone, we're more than just a screen printing service. We're a community-driven, worker-owned collective of skilled artists and makers, committed to making a difference.

Our team of formerly incarcerated individuals and their loved ones bring unparalleled dedication to every project.

Why Work With For Everyone?

  • Expertise in Screen Printing

    Specializing in custom screen printing with a minimum order quantity of 50, we ensure each piece reflects the quality and care your project deserves.

  • Commitment to Community

    We're more than a print shop. We're a catalyst for change. By choosing us, you're supporting living wages, worker-ownership, health insurance, and transformative community.

  • Creative Beyond Printing

    Our services extend to creative direction, design, and a full suite of photo and video production capabilities. We don't just create; we strategize. Our creative strategy services are designed to amplify your message and engage your audience.

Let's Start Your Printing Journey

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Together, we'll ensure your vision is realized while upholding our shared values of transformative justice and community care.

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