Screen Printed in MI by Formerly Incarcerated People and Our Loved Ones

We are a collective of talented designers, all of whom have been impacted by incarceration, either personally or through their loved ones. Our experiences shape our creativity, enabling us to offer a unique perspective in every project we undertake.

Our agency isn't just about producing exceptional design – it's about telling stories that matter.

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Our Services

  • Graphic Design

    From logos to branding, we bring your vision to life with a fresh, impactful approach.

  • Creative Direction

    Guiding your project from concept to completion with insight and innovation.

  • Creative Strategy

    Aligning your goals with creative execution that resonates and engages.

Our Purpose

Empowering Formerly Incarcerated Designers: We believe in second chances and harnessing the power of creativity for positive change. Our team consists exclusively of formerly incarcerated individuals and those closely connected to them, ensuring authentic representation and diverse perspectives.

Creating with a Conscience: Every project we handle carries a deeper meaning. We are committed to showcasing the resilience, determination, and talent of our community, providing a platform for voices that often go unheard.