Screen Printed in MI by Formerly Incarcerated People and Our Loved Ones

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For everyone makes clothes to help build a better world for everyone; with living wages, free healthcare, and a culture rooted in transformative justice. We are a sustainable fashion collective, worker-owned by formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones. We are looking to work with creators that are passionate about helping inspire people to work towards building a new world that functions on care, not revenge. We prioritize working with people who have been impacted by the system, or who's family members have been impacted by the system. We have opportunities open in graphic design, commission based sales, influencer promotions, gifts, modeling, content-creation, and more creative opportunities at the collective. We know that fashion starts conversations and can change culture. We're hoping to inspire others to imagine what a world based in care could really look like. We can't wait for you to join the conversation with us.

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